Llamas are cloven footed modified ruminates.

Southern Oregon Llama Owners

Southern Oregon Llama Owners

SOLO members are llama owners, breeders, and enthusiasts who live in beautiful Southern Oregon and Northern California, comprising the mythical State of Jefferson. We have diverse backgrounds in llamas, including breeding, fiber production, showing, packing, driving, hiking, guarding, public relations, therapy work and simply the total enjoyment of these magnificent and regal creatures.

Mission Statement

To support activities that promote the safety, well being, and health of llamas in the Southern Oregon area.

We then determined that we needed to establish and define the general areas of interest in which SOLO members would most likely want to use funds. We established the following areas of interest and their general definition (not in any particular order of priority):

General Areas

1.  Rescue- Find alternative placement for llamas that may be abused, abandoned, neglected or situationally compromised, and provide the services necessary to move and treat the animals and secure their health / welfare.
2. Emergency - Provide assistance to Southern Oregon llama owners who find themselves in a situation that requires an immediate response due to a crisis. (example: provide transportation and temporary housing of llamas due to fire, flood or other disaster; provide emergency transportation to vet in case of "broken down trailer.)
3. Education - Expand the awareness of llamas among the general public; deepen knowledge and skill in their care and handling among Southern Oregonís llama owners.
4. Social/ Fun Activities- Activities- to enhance relationships and networking among the current members of Southern Oregon Llama Owners and to encourage others to join.
5. Marketing - Promotion of llamas and llama products.
6. Fund Raising- Develop activities that will produce additional funds in order to sustain the overall mission of Southern Oregon Llama Owners.

In order to perform the previously stated activities, and based on the wishes of the SOLO membership, we determined that a committee should be created to make recommendations to the SOLO membership about the dispersal of the requested funds and resources. We recommend that a Core Committee be developed to serve that purpose.

Core Committee

The Core Committee will receive specific requests for money, evaluate whether to approve or disapprove each proposal, and present their recommendations to the SOLO membership about the dispersal of the requested funds and resources for a vote.

The Core Committee will be made up of 7 people, consisting of a coordinator from each of the 6 general areas of interest plus a moderator. The moderator will facilitate meetings, take notes, and issue the recommendation of the committee to the SOLO membership for a final vote. The moderator will have voting privileges.

Since each area of interest will potentially involve a variety of activities, we decided that sub-committees should be created for each area of interest.

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